This is me

Programming languages experience

About me

Hello. My name is Alexandr. I'm freelancer with about 10 years experience in web development. Here you can find information about my expertise and skills and some examples of data visualization. At all i have great experience in web development with PHP, Java and JavaScript. Last few years i've focused on JavaScript including front-end and back-end development with MEAN stack. And of course on data visualization with d3.js. Also i have experience with bioinformatics and have couple publications in scientific journals as co-author.

Technologies, libraries and frameworks

I have experience with:

  • JavaScript: Node.js, Angular, React, Backbone, d3.js, jQuery, ExtJS, underscore/lodash...
  • PHP: Zend framework, ezComponents, Yii, Kohana, Symfony...
  • Java: Servlet/Portlet API, Struts, Spring...
  • R: ggplot2, dplyr...
  • Python: Django, IPython
  • Databases: MySql, Oracle, Mongo
  • Web servers: Apache, Tomcat, Nginx
  • ORM: Doctrine, Propel, Hibernate
  • XML/XSLT, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap
  • xUnit: PHPUnit, SimpleTest, JUnit, Jasmine, Selenium
  • Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Phing
  • Continuous Integration: CriuseControl, PhpUnderControl, Hudson/Jenkins
  • Bug trackers: Redmine, Track, Jira
  • VCS: SVN, Git
  • Sphinx, SOAP, Memcached, DRMAA API and may be something else...

D3.js charts

Spinning Earth globe with bars.
Radial progress tree.
Configurable boxplot with layers.
Reflection sginal animated on start up.
Smile chart.
Caffeine content.
Stretched bubble chart.
Hacking attacks map. Node.js + d3.js.